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ISO Workshop 8.5

Copy, manage, and burn optical disc images in ISO or BIN format
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If looking for a simple yet comprehensive toolbox for your ISO files, ISO Workshop is a free and very attractive option to consider. It offers you six basic functions related to ISO image files, which will allow you to create new ISO images, burn ISO files to disc, copy discs, extract files from ISO archives, back up discs, and convert between ISO and BIN files.

The program opens with a convenient menu containing six icons representing all those six functions. Each icon will open on a new window and each option comes with its own interface and settings, just as if they were six independent tools brought together under one menu.

Making an ISO file is extremely easy. All you have to do is select the files, the file system, and check the right box if it is a bootable disc that you’re creating. Burning an existing ISO image file to disc is even easier – just select the .iso file and the destination drive and let the program do the rest. Copying discs is equally straightforward, producing exact clones of the original disc in no time. This option is very similar to Backup Disc, except that the latter will produce an ISO file instead of another physical disc. If you’ve ever extracted a file or a set of files from a ZIP file (or a similar archive type), then you already know everything about the Extract Files option – they work exactly the same. Last but not least, the Convert Image option is one of the most interesting functions it provides despite its limitations regarding the list of formats supported – namely, ISO and BIN. Not that there is an extremely long list of image file formats, but I can’t help missing some of the most widely used, such as NRG (Nero), CUE, and IMG.

We shouldn’t forget, however, that ISO Workshop is a free tool. There is a professional version for commercial use, though the functionality they offer is exactly the same. Thus, if you want to get a professional-looking ISO-related tool for free, ISO Workshop is probably your best option.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Multi-functional ISO utility
  • ISO to BIN conversion
  • Disc cloning capabilities
  • Disc to ISO conversion for backup purposes


  • Converts between ISO and BIN image files only
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