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Create, burn, mount, copy, and convert ISO image files for free
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ISO image files are a convenient solution to back up full discs in one single operation while guaranteeing its integrity and internal structure. ISO Workshop offers you six useful utilities to produce, clone, convert, or burn ISO images easily and conveniently. This tool provided free of charge for personal use, is not only easy to use but also highly efficient.

The first thing you can use ISO Workshop for is to create new ISO image files. The program supports all the most widely used file systems and offers you the option to create either a standard ISO image or a bootable ISO image. You can use the former to back up entire audio CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs, while the latter will let you produce as many bootable discs as you may need. All you have to do is select the required files and/or folders and let the program create the ISO archive for you. Use the “Make ISO” option when you want to back up to an ISO archive specific files and folders, and the “Backup Disc” option to turn entire discs into perfect ISO files. The latter will let you choose between ISO and BIN for the output format. You can then store the ISO/BIN file somewhere else or burn it to disc when needed using the “Burn Image” option.

You can also clone discs on the fly – ISO Workshop will create an accurate bit-by-bit clone of your original discs at the speed of your choice. Optionally, you can erase the recordable disc first if it happens to contain any previous files.

One of the features I like most is the “Extract Files” option. This utility will mount an existing ISO image and will let you browse and extract specific files and/or folders archive without expanding the entire archive. You can then copy and paste the required items while leaving the original ISO file intact. Finally, the “Convert Image” utility will let you transform your ISO archives into BIN files and vice versa.

If you wish to use this tool for commercial purposes, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time affordable fee to get your license. If that’s not the case, just download ISO Workshop and enjoy its convenient utilities for free for as long as you wish. It won’t take much of your system resources and will provide you with a reliable way of backing up and storing your most valuable discs.

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  • All-in-one ISO utilities
  • Converts ISO to BIN archives
  • Mounts ISO images for file and folder extraction
  • Compatible with most file systems


  • Conversion limited to BIN files
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